Strategic visioning across physical and digital ecosystems with a background in architecture and industrial design.

In chronological order

Autodesk Construction Solutions

Autodesk's new construction division creates  products that reframe construction processes and reimagines how teams build. I am the design lead for product teams inventing new products for industrial and commercial sectors of construction. I support our team's efforts by identifying untapped market opportunities through research, interviewing workers on the ground, identifying unmet needs, and designing products from prototype to market launch. (in the news)


PlanGrid (YC '12) builds field-based mobile solutions for construction workers in the field. I was the design lead for a new product add-on, Submittals, an end-to-end review & approval workflow for the thousands of materials and processes performed on a construction site. I also set up guidelines and best practices for running the organizations first fully-remote engineering team. (read all about it)


Buendia is a not-for-profit product development team supporting Doctors Without Borders to build the first rugged, field-ready electronic health record system for emergency response Ebola clinics. In the midst of the 2018 outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I volunteered to design core features such as an analytics dashboards and patient-to-bed assignment functionality.  (dig in)


Oben is a technology startup building personalized digital twins. I introduced a product development process into an R&D organization and supported our research efforts by improving our internal data collection tools for machine learning teams. I led the development of consumer and enterprise virtual avatar applications for international use in the APAC regions and invented patent pending, virtual avatar interactions. (hear from others and see it in action)


Experience designer attached to the visual display labs within Samsung Research America. Defined digital experiences for  a suite of digital display products, including furniture display concepts, prototypes for CES, and the Frame TV.