construction Progress tracking

I was a Principal Designer at Autodesk from 2019-2021 working across several products to launch Construction Cloud, a project management platform for thousands of construction teams. In this particular role, I led a zero to one product, developed a North Start vision for a new area of business, and helped evolve our design hiring process.

Because this was a small team focused on zero-to-one product building, my role was several hats: I led research, architected the end-to-end experience for multiple user types across mobile/web experiences (ios, android, web), and supported core product efforts through customer onboarding and beta launch management.


Construction teams on the job site often make inaccurate estimates on their work progress (e.g. how many feet of drywall has been installed), leading to labor cost overruns, and not uncommonly, bankruptcy. They rely on a mix of guesstimates and spreadsheets that turn out 40% swings in accuracy.


My team and I built a visual progress tool from the ground up — teams in the field can easily assign progress labels to digitally tracked construction assets from a mobile device and automatically roll over data insights to their office counterparts for labor and cost planning adjustments.


We launched our open beta in Summer 2021 to hundreds of enterprise customers tracking progress on 2 million unique activities and objects, on projects averaging $30M in construction value.

other roles

While at Autodesk I operated cross-functionally in a variety of responsibilities:

Spearheaded the first patent in our 1000-person division, an ML-based system for automatic labeling on construction blueprints. Provisional patent: 63/114952

Led UX research initiatives (recruiting, methodology, synthesis) across our understaffed product teams

Acting Sr. PM role for 3 months while lead PM was out on paternity leave