Implementation of best org practices, workshops and  innovation processes for product development


Future forecasting & strategic design

Run workshops that build strategy around global trends, explore possible war scenarios, innovate on business models, and identify long-term challenges.

Emerging technology applications

Applications of new technologies from R&D to viable products through understanding the technology at its atomic level, reviewing market research, creating design concepts, and crafting business roadmaps.


New product development

While investigating new product opportunities on "skunkworks" teams, defining a clear process for investigation, an aligned communication style with cross-departmental leadership, and north star metrics to weigh new ideas alongside core business strategies.

Remote development teams

Establish best practices and product development for overseas teams. Installed PlanGrid's first international development team and defined guidelines to scale the organization.


Inspire a team of designers, engineers, and interns towards a common goal.


Panel discussions

Moderate panel discussions with engaging audience activities, memorable panel questions, and efficient logistics.


Organize large group offsites (75+) for team-bonding and entertainment.


Design sprint workshops

Facilitate design sprint workshops as a collaborative tool to bring cross-functional teams from engineering, research, product, and design together.

Human-centered research

Setup recruitment, on-site interviews, and research synthesis processes for multi-month user research projects.