Mobility experiences across physical and spatial environments

Selected Work



Kaiba, a brand of craft beer hangouts in Shanghai, focuses on locally-inspired culture and introduces new beer enthusiasts through interactive, educational experiences. Designed the end to end experience from furniture to service interactions. Launched 2016

Commuter mask

Commuter mask

A pollution mask concept for everyday use by local commuters in urban China. Hidden filters, quick release straps, and a translucent shell affords additional freedom and mobility during a commute in the city. Concept 2016.

Third space table

Third space table

A flexible home table for work and relaxation. Untethers electronics from their cables with an integrated power strip and removable laptop cushion. concept 2015.

MIT Media Lab

Researcher in the Smart Cities lab focused on urban mobility and car sharing. Supported research and charging station concepts for folding, electric vehicles.



Collaborator with startups to create concepts for 3D printers, solar infrastructure, IOT connected home devices. Past work includes Building36 (an company), and NVBots (acquired)